Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

The holiday rental takes place legally under the following generalconditions,

Duration of rental period

The holiday rental applies over the agreed period. The holiday home is available from 4 pm on the day of arrival until 10 am on the day of departure. Deviating times are only permitted with prior written permission from the lessor and / or Azur Pavillon.

State of the Subjects

The tenant declares to personally involve the rented property with no more than the number of persons, agreed in advance, when making the reservation. The holiday renter wil occupy the rented property during the stay as “good family man” and will maintain it properly.

The rented property is rented furnished and is equipped with kitchenware, crockery, glasses, blankets, duvets and pillows. The condition of the rented property and the inventory is determined by the holiday renter and the landlord and /or manager upon arrival and at the end of the agreed period. The rented property is delivered clean to the holiday renter and must be returned clean upon departure. We would like to point out that this concerns houses of private owners and that there can be no question of a standard design. However, you can be confident that Azur Pavillon knows every home and the area well. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Complaints about the rented property that are submitted after 24 hours after arrival at the rented property will not be accepted.

Azur Pavillon must be given the opportunity to handle a complaint and to propose a solution. Premature departure without prior consultation and / or agreement or complaints that are reported afterwards will therefore not be processed and will release the owner and / or Azur Pavillon from all liability and refund.


Most of our accommodations have an internet connection. Unlike in most other country’s, the electricity and telephone lines are constructed above ground, which means that the network is vulnerable to interference. AzurPavillon, or the owner, cannot take any responsibility for the (temporary) failure of the Internet.

Rental Price

The rental amount is determined and accepted by the tenant at time of reservation. When making a reservation through the website, the holiday renter will receive from AzurPavillon a reservation confirmation and confirmation of the payment of the deposit. When making a reservation in the year before arrival, we ask a deposit of 20%. The following payment will be 30% by the beginning of March in the year of the reservation and/or the final part of the full payment 8 weeks before arrival. With reservation in the year of arrival, we ask a deposit of 50%. The remaining 50% has to be paid at the latest 8 weeks before arrival. With reservations made within 8 weeks before arrival, the full amount has to be paid when making the reservation.


Azur Pavillon is obliged to collect tourist tax and declare and pay this to the municipality. Tourist tax is only calculated for adults (18+).
The holiday renter is charged a fixed amount for the cleaning of the rented property and a fixed amount per person for the use and change of linen. The holiday renter will also be charged a fixed amount of € 45 for reservation and administration costs upon reservation.


In order to be able to implement the general provisions and to repair possible damage, the holiday renter pays a fixed amount as caution / deposit, which amount will be refunded to the holiday renter within 14 days after leaving the rented property in good order.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation of the already confirmed booking, the following percentages apply :
1. Cancellation up to the 8 weeks before arrival: 50% of the rent.
2. Cancellation within 8 weeks before arrival, the full rent.
3. On early termination of the stay, the full rent.
In the event of cancellation, the caution/bond and tourist tax (if any) already paid will always be refunded.


During the stay, the holiday renter is liable for the rental property, the furnishings and all matters that belong to the rented object. Azur Pavillon cannot accept any liability or responsibility for damage and inconveniences, in whatever form and for whatever cause, arising for the tenant and others who are in or near the accommodation The holiday renter is obliged to cooperate in resolving any complaints. The descriptions on the website (s) and the brochure have been compiled with the greatest care and the indicated m2 are an indication of the size of the accommodation. Azur Pavillon is not liable for inconveniences resulting from interim changes in situations beyond fault and /or knowledge of Azur Pavillon. If Azur Pavillon is forced to cancel the reservation for reasons beyond its control, the holiday renter will be offered another accommodation of similar or better nature. If this proves to be impossible, Azur Pavillon will refund the already done payments, but without compensation for any damage whatsoever.

If necessary, the landlord or his representative is entitled to charge an additional amount for the cleaning of the rented property upon departure of the holiday renter, in addition to the regularly paid cleaning costs. This also applies for the value of objects, furniture or materials that are broken, contaminated, destroyed or damaged, objects that were used during the rental other than for which they were intended, costs of cleaning dirty blankets and / or a compensation for any form of damage to curtains, wallpaper, ceilings, carpets, rugs, windows, beds, etc.
Repairs that are necessary as a result of damage caused by negligence or poor use of the rented property are at the expense of the holiday renter.

The holiday renter ensures that no nuisance is caused in the neighborhood.

The holiday renter is obliged to insure him/herself against risks associated with rental (fire and flood). In case of non-insurance, the tenant is personally liable for the costs of the damage and the interest on these costs. The landlord is obliged to insure the building and the holiday renter is obliged to notify the lessor, landlord or Azur Pavillon within 24 hours in case of damage to the building and the outbuildings or associated buildings.

The holiday renter may not refuse the landlord, the lessor or Azur Pavillon to access to the rented property if the landlord or his representative so requests.

French law applies to these General Terms and Conditions Azur Pavillon.

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